Les Balcons de l’Aigoual

La Filature du Mazel


Archeosmart / Anthropocene fossils

Engraved and carved stones


Footprints of smartphones are exposed on rocks, like fossils of the present time which will become enigmas for future times.
These engraved stones, like the cupules and other rock testimonies of the region, reveal the history revealed in the matter and resonate (?) With this formula of André Malraux:
“The future is a present from the past.”
Visible on the Mont Aigoual Land Art Trail until the end of time …












Dans la rosée du matin.


Dans l’alignement des antennes télécom.


Making of


Juin 2020 au Mont Aigoual, température 5°, ressentie 0°, rafales de vent jusqu’à 100 km/h…



All photos Marc Limousin.