Walking In The Sky

Festival de Land Art “Voyage au pays des merveilles”

« Le Tacot, Voyage éphémère », Rontalon (69)



Walking In The Sky
Résine végétale et air.


By consulting what the footprints signify or what they bear witness to, we learn some beautiful things…
For example, the alleged imprints of the feet of Buddha, Christ or Muhammad, and in general of the prophets, are called “Vestigium pedis”. If these are often strong in symbolism and beliefs, the “ichnites” – name attributed to all the fossilized imprints – are, they, purveyors of knowledge and knowledge.
On the path taking the passage of the old railway line, above our head, we see a fragment of a very singular path, footprints appear in the sky, in the middle of the frond of the trees!

Their transparency plays with gravity and makes us guess the stroll of a being lighter than air.
It is then a glass path that is revealed, echoing the Roman roads, the rails of yesteryear, the hikes of today.
A wandering of the imagination put to use on this ephemeral path of dreams, a certain trip to the land of some forgotten wonders!







All photos Marc Limousin.