Signes particuliers : néant


Art Contemporary Space Annecy
October 6 – December 8 – 2011
Exhibition “L’endroit”


Invited by Imagespassages and Biennale de Lyon



Signes particuliers : néant
Video installation


A film camera is run directly from a software on a computer. A window shows what the camera is filming. The camera is turned on a window and films it. The screen remains black; the window opens out to an empty space. Is the camera filming the emptiness, nothing, the absence? No, the window reproduces a second window, the same window actually, embedded in the first one, but still dark, with a hardly perceptible time lapse, then a third window, a fourth, and another… this movie suggests a mise en abyme of an infinite nothingness.

Everyone can experience this device as the screen is made up of straps. Facing infinity, or void, the person being crossed through by his own doubts.